Saturday, December 28, 2013

Moving my BLOG to Wordpress

Due to issues with Blogger I have decided to move my blog to WORDPRESS. Here is the link to connect you to the site. Thank you for stopping by, please come on over and visit with me. Sincerely, The Parsons Wife

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Milk Day

Feb. 7th. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day, warm weather (65*) sunny this morning, rainy this afternoon...matches any mood I'm in...and my mood is sewing.
I began this process because of a burnt finger, who knew my potholders had simply worn out...literally.
How can one cook without them? When I pull my cast iron skillets filled with hot cornbread right out of the oven...I need a heavy duty potholder, my dishtowel doesn't work either. So, shouting "hallelujuah" in the kitchen this morning, I knew I had a sewing project to begin. (Picture added)
Here is one completed potholder in honor of Valentines Day! I'm working on the sewing ones, enjoyed abit of crochet today.

We have a new member in our family, a kitten called Precious; & she really is. She was a drop-off...don't ask me why or how, I don't understand some people, but when a tiny kittens meows from under your kitchen window, what's a girl to do?  Pray for them, and love the tiny animal, who can scratch like a tiger!!

Productive week thus far, helped milk, by hand, my niece's little jersey cow. She just had her first calf, was pouring milk, and needed a little help...can't wait to milk her for the home bucket!! Fresh butter!
I grew up shaking the mason jar, good memories, will pass this one on to our children.
My mother fell in love with the little heifer named Helen, and I snapped a picture of Mom helping milk her and check on post-birth mom.
*Note-Mom is wearing a headwarmer made from angora yarn I made for her...looking snazzy!
The little calf is so cute...just had to show a picture of him, yes, it's a little bull. But they just don't come any cuter!


Well, I must return to the potholder project...suppers cooking.
Y'all Come,

The Parson's Wife

Monday, October 31, 2011

Choir practice

    March 7th,  Did I say in my last entry we were seeing the last snow of the season?  Uh-huh...thought so, so why is it snowing now?!  And the wind! Didn't realize I had that many 'cracks' in the parsonage!  We reached our high at 5:40am this parents have 10" on top of what was left from Tuesday's snow, and my sisters are reaching 13", they only had snow left in the shady areas, so it's really coming down....something else I found funny, we have been put under a winter weather advisory!  What a hoot! woot  Snow may come to the Delta!
I was reading an email from my sister this morning about a bear that was crossing a bridge, cars from both directions scared it, it climbed out on a ledge, fell, caught itself...and pulled itself back up on the ledge....he refused to go back the way he came (the bridge road) he knew that way was bad, looked around, it was too high up, knew there was no way out, (at that time) and laid down and took a nap!  The game wardens strung a net under him, shot him with a tranquilizer, they got him to safety, undid the net from him, and he calmly walked over the net, on the ground, and to safety....
What do we have to learn from this bear?  Take a nap!  Seriously, he knew the wrong ways to go, didn't see an out, and didn't panic...he did what humans have such a hard time doing....stood still.  Yes, he just waited. 

Another thought that I want to remember, this really moved me,
"The Masterpiece of Your Life" it?  Is it something you will be proud of?  Is it something you hope is hidden away? 

My little chicks are growing!  They stretch their little wings (with feathers on them) and stretch their little legs....and chirp, chirp, chirp.  They have food, water, shelter, and blessed! jumpy

March 10th 

My chicks are doing great!  I think....(I hope)....they seem to be healthy and happy....though they still are not thrilled when I pick their sassy little selves up!  jumpy
They are growing little feathers, topknots and booty area is beginning to sprout....their legs are certainly unusual looking...everyone who see's them makes a comment about how 'unusual' looking they are!  With good reason, they are beautiful!  I still can't get used to their black is so pretty against their feathers! (fluff)
I've got company, my in-laws, so I can't tarry.  We had a lovely week-end, church services were awesome this week-end, and the snow is all gone except in corners ditches, and super shady areas....but even that is leaving fast.  We've been playing outside off & on, and not even a sweater on! 
So I must put pen away, we are grilling out this evening...and  I don't want to ignore my company....

March 11th
Yippee! Lovely weather here today....77*  wee
Made a temporary outdoor brooder with some lawnchairs and chicken wire....happy chicks!  jumpy
Already brought them back in, but they had a lovely morning...forgot to wear a face is sunburned, feel something like a boiled tomato, fairly certain the looks would be similar as well! My children wore hats, and enjoyed the day!  I just didn't put my lazy self back in the house to get one!  And we've got an extra long choir practice tonight!! Our choir concert is the 22nd...can't wait for them to showcase their talents! Look what the Lord has done!!
I feel stiff around my eyebrows and mouth!  Singing may be a little harder (for me) than normal!
Got my strawberries planted, some even have little berries...
I've had a weakness for strawberries for as long as I can remember! My Dad would take us to the strawberry fields, we'd earn a little 'spending' money...that is, when I could keep the berries out of my mouth! I thought those fields were heaven! Acres and acres of strawberries, they just stretched on and on... I'm certain I had many a lovely dream about them! Daddy used to help me fill my basket, you had to have them brimming over when you took them to the check man, he had a little notebook with your name, and made tally marks every-time you brought your crate up, it held six pints (there were wooden crates that held them) you got a mark...seemed to take forever to make the five, then on to ten! I remember standing in line with all the other workers waiting to be paid! What excitement...was thinking just how I was going to spend it! Though I hardly ever did, seemed I'd go in those stores and nothing was worth all that hardwork. So, I just saved it till next time, figured something might come along!

March 12th
What a wonderful day...hear rain is coming...yuck! We are waterlogged! I sure was sorely tempted to wear those waders!
Here is a photo of the little chicks staying warm and dry in the brooder. They stay in the living room by the stove, what a happy sound they make, those soft little chirps. I'm certain they have "no thought for tomorrow." What a lesson they teach me every morning!
My family and I have enjoyed this experience with has been a learning experience for both parties! Pity the poor chicks!
Oh yes, the Rev. brought me home some eggs today from a farmer down the road...they have been resting....will put in incubator tonight....they are standard Rhode Island Reds.  If---make that when, they hatch, I will sell husband is either going to buy my another incubator, or make me one...I've got banty eggs coming!! Yes! 

March 13th
My chicks...trying to sex them, and classify colors...thinking it may be too soon!  Three are what I think are white...but not for sure how to tell 'white' on these little chicks...would they already be showing another color, say if they were buff?  They have no other coloring on them, just light, light yellow, which has turned into a white, I think.
I have a partridge, and is it blue splash?  She's a lovely blue gray, one of the biggest, and one of the least fearful.  Plus some buff w/ darker brown on wings....
frow  I have enjoyed raising these Silkies, and if they go thru an ugly duckling stage....I don't think I'll notice, they are the prettiest chicks I've seen!   jumpy

Choir practice...well, would you believe this close to the performance, these dear men and women PANICKED! Then Rolling Romeo dropped his songbook, pages went everywhere! I started to go assist, then figured out it was a ploy to get Wandering Wanda over there to help...he's a sly ole fox! That seemed to start it though, next nearly every other choir member proclaimed their minds went simply blank, Lively Lizzie said she was certain she was a soprano not an alto, wanted to change spots, then went into a panic when she couldn't hit the soprano notes! Wandering Wanda, never would claim to be nervous, but seems the closer to performance time the higher she goes on those notes! Fearless Fran got the giggles, and Lulu Leadfoot turned tomato red the whole practice, however, she stated at the beginning of the practice she had a bad case of nerves! Silent Sam, went even quieter than normal, and at the wrong time! He had a lead on a verse, followed by Helpful Hank backing out on his solo, he said, "I'd rather be back here in the back minding my own business." Rosie Roadrage chose that moment to announce she had at least ten folks coming to see the took me awhile to calm'em down after that proclamation! Finally, I just sat on the altar and laughed, they tickle me, they really do! These precious dear-hearts, so trying to please me, and there's no need. I love'em just as they are! I wouldn't trade a one of'em for any amount of gold!  I'm certain on the actual night, they will relax, a little.  The songs are so moving, I love them! They just speak to me! I pray they speak to others as well. We've got one final practice....and showtime! I should mention that R. Romeo got a tentative date!
Oh well, they are good sports...they put up with me!
My sunburn is better, and my children are thrilled with the new sandbox their daddy brought home...actually think they like the box's their clubhouse...cause the log cabin clubhouse, well it's just old news...children,  oh I'm so blessed! tongue
Oh yes, baby (that's the last chick born, and also the smallest) is the most feisty little thing I've ever seen! 
Yesterday, they had "position wrangling", I don't know what else to call was a hoot to watch them, they would square off, toe to toe, wings spread out, head up high, and fly straight up in the air!  That better not mean they are roosters!  I don't know if I have the heart to kill any of them!
Crop dusters woke me this morning....right over the house, they are working with a fury....rains a coming, they've been going strong since just a crack of light was shining...about 5:20am...
And I know that Spring is coming too!
Y'all come!