Monday, September 19, 2011

How I became the Rev.'s wife.

Now, I'm sure most of you had a regular sort of romance, you saw your spouse, fell in love, married, etc... The Rev. was in the Marine Corp., my parents had just moved to a new church in a BIG (for us it surely was) town. There just happened to be TWO churches of the same denomination in the BIG town! The other church was not to far from ours, and the pastors were a very nice couple, who every time they saw me, the Mom would pull out a picture of her son (his USMC photo) and tell me what an angelic boy her son was. She asked if he could write to me, said it would cheer him up, well, what with me being so patriotic, I agreed. My Dad (remember he's a minister) heard about "that Marine" (this is what my Dad referred to the Rev. as) planning on writing to me. My Dad has always been quick, he figured out right quick that I might write back! So, he said, NO. Period. And I did not receive a letter, though I knew one was supposed to be coming. Two weeks later, Dad brought a letter to me, it was from Daryl, Dad had been keeping it. He felt bad, said I could write the boy (his words) but that was all. And again, he said, period. Daryl had become so anxious, since I hadn't returned his letter (he knew who I was, had seen me before) that he decided to call, within two hours of Dad handing the letter to me, the phone rang, and it was him!!  Needless to say, my Dad had farseeing eyes, because eighteen months later, I loaded up a U-haul, climbed into the car, all teary-eyed, excited and scared all rolled into one, and went off to Camp Lejuene, NC. I must say, my Dad loved Daryl (that's the Rev., dearly, counted him as a son) but that came later.

Now, I've left out a whole bunch of details, but those are for a rainy day. Today, the eggs just won't hatch, don't they know how their arrival is anticipated? How we listen so word, I surely do wish I had a stethoscope! I'm certain I could hear something!

Today we worked on the coop, listen at me! "We"...well, I passed up hammers, nails, boards, etc...I'm certain I was a big help! In fact he said he couldn't do without his 'gopher'....he then explained that it's "Go-for" (Go for the hammer, go for the nails, etc...) ah, well, the many languages of love!

Got a phone call from a church member, she was very ill, and wanted prayer. So, he's gone to see her, and I'm washing clothes, fixing to start supper. You know, I'm so happy and blessed! I truly do love the ministry work! I dearly love my husband so proud of him. Our children are the light of our lives, how we prayed for those little darlings! How faithful is my God.

Well, the supper I mentioned earlier is not getting done...

Ya'll Come

The Parson's Wife


  1. I couldn't find an email addy in your profile, so I'm posting all these random thoughts right here...=) Goodness me! I can't imagine I'm the first one to comment at this lovely post. Hafta tell you...when I saw Marine in your list of tags, I had to check it out. My hubby was (is) a Marine - he was a drill instructor at Parris Island after he returned from 3 tours in Vietnam. And at one time, he thought the Lord might be calling him into full time ministry, but then realized He wasn't, but hubby has served him faithfully for nearly 40 years. I'm gonna subscribe to your blog and keep in touch with you. My dad became a pastor the summer after I graduated from high school, and was NOT fond of my hubby at first, but it didn't take long, and he calls him Son. We have much in common. Please stop by and visit my blog. I'm your newest follower. God bless you richly!

  2. Thank you for your kind comment! So glad you found me, will stop by and say hello to you! I always enjoying meeting fellow Marine wives, & as my hubby often quotes me...Once a Marine Always a
    May the Lord bless you!