Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just another day

What a pretty day we had....we are supposed to pay for it tomorrow!  Bad weather working its way our way, we were too warm 75*, and the cold front coming is supposed to drop temps over 40 degrees, and that means, bad, BAD, weather, well, it is that time of year! duc I found that I look like a cartoon, so much rain that I have been driving the car to church. What's so funny about that? Well, have you seen cartoons where the person says, "I'm gonna to work see ya!" They get in their car, back out, and pull in the space next to them? That's pretty much what it looks like...hey, the sacrifices we make to be beautiful! (Go ahead, laugh)
The chickens are doing fine, all 8! Even the one with the navel seems to have dried up.

The church folk came over to the house this afternoon, they thought the little chicks were adorable!  Couldn't believe I had raised them from eggs.... where's their faith?  (laughing) It seemed impossible to us too, that they came out of those tiny eggs! What an amazing God we serve! Who but God, can do such things as this!
I'm quite certain we will be hatching more eggs soon, it has been a lovely adventure, one the whole family has enjoyed!  Well, will write more later....I have a lovely story I want to husband talks in his should hear our honey-moon story! (Nobody warned me!!) 

Be blessed!
Oh, let me read this too you!
"If you don't have anything good to say....think alittle longer!"
(As seen on a church sign!)
Don't you love'em?!

Ya'll Come

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