Thursday, September 22, 2011

Squirrel Hunting

Ever been around when someone is walking & talking in their sleep?  No?  Lucky you!
My first experience with this was on our honey-moon night....not funny! Some day, I may share that story...maybe.
      After almost 15 years of marriage (come March 27th )  I still haven't gotten used to it! It still causes me panic, to be awakened to HIS panic, in the middle of the night.
     The other night I was setting the house in order, the children were asleep, as was my husband, when I heard a panicked voice commanding me to bring a plastic bag!
"What?" I hollered back, "Bring me a plastic bag NOW!" was his tense reply! Something was wrong, and it had my husband disturbed, greatly disturbed! I grabbed a couple of plastic bags and took off down the hall, my husband met me at the door, "Don't get close!" he whispered. Instantly turning to a quivering jelly, I whispered back, "What are you talking about, what's going on?" My brave darling, tried to shoo me back into the hall  "Stay back, don't let it get near you!", he whispered hoarsely.

     Well, what with me being so brave and all, I began looking for the nearest high  ground! I found relative safety in a chair by the bed. Heart pounding, shallow breathing, I began to search for this terrible thing that had invaded our home! And what was he thinking? Catch this wild animal with a plastic bag?  I noticed something laying on the bed, saw it was one of our sons toys, and paid no further heed to it...searching, scanning...nothing...what was I looking for?  Our positions were comical, I was standing on the chair, in my nightgown, eyes wildly rolling in my head, the Rev. standing, bent over, hair wild and bag at the ready, circling the bed.
I was holding onto one of the I was really going to 'catch' something with it! My knees were beginning to get weak, thinking I was near to falling to the floor (where whatever it was might get on me) I begged, "What is it?" in a loud whisper.  "Don't you see it?"  "It's right there!" he pointed.  "Where?"  I shouted, (I mean replied).  With a deep breathe, to improve his lung capacity, he shouted, "RIGHT THERE ON THE BED, IT'S A SQUIRREL, BUT SOMETHING IS BAD WRONG WITH IT!!"
Oh yes....he was pointing at my son's rubber dinosaur!  Granted, it is funny looking, but?
I began to get the giggles....began to laugh so was nerves. I needed a release, all that pent-up adrenalin as I prepared to catch that rabid (for surely it had to be to want to come into the house with the Rev. on duty!) I sank to a seated position in the chair, then I looked at him and said, "Honey, are you awake?"  With just a hint of impatience he replied, "Of course I'm awake, now you grab it if it comes past you!"
I could not do anything for a little while, but laugh....he was still circling the bed! Well, my giggles subsided into hiccups, strength returned to my legs, and the night was getting on. Needless to say, I pretended to catch it, and he calmly climbed back in the bed and began snoring with a promptness that causes me jealousy! You can't really wake him up sometimes when he has these 'dreams', he's partially awake, and still asleep. Something had triggered him, perhaps he had touched the toy in his sleep, who knows?

What can I say?  Life is never dull for us.
You have to "see" the story I tell about when we were newly married, living in NC and we heard 'someone' walking in the house! woot  He was awake that time!
The chicken with the navel issue, has the 'squirts' this morning, am hunting in the search for answers...

Oh, hand is better this morning!  Thanks for your thoughts and prayers...

Y'all Come
The Parson's Wife