Monday, September 19, 2011

Hatch Day!

I have peeping!!!

I'm so excited!! When I checked on the eggs this morning my daughter and I heard chirping! Not thirty minutes later the Rev. came thru and said, "Come Quick!"  and there was 'peeping'!  (2 eggs have little cracked shells!!!) Oh, that's a good thing!!

jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy

This is a welcome bit of good here at the parsonage, especially after last night's episode!
I haven't had a chance to tell it...we had to rush my son to the ER last night...about 5:00 pm. 
We were working on the chicken coop, and something blew into his eye...I looked couldn't see anything...but we flushed with water because he kept hurting....said it was better, later we looked again, still tearing, red, and starting to swell, flushed with water again...nothing!  About 3o minutes later he comes thru, his eye is almost swollen shut!  So off we go.  Did we have a battle to find what was in his eye....which they never did. They finally just numbed it, put a patch over it, and told me to watch it. He was not to rub it, or take the patch off, then sent us home.  I was just weak when it was all over! I used to think I was strong, then the children came...well, let's just say, my prayer life kicked into overdrive! All the little impossible things these sweet little ones manage to get into..right before my eyes!! This morning he woke up eye less swollen and red. He came back thru about 2 minutes later, saying" my eye's better, I got that dirt out!"  So something washed out this morning...and his eye is not tearing!  Praise God!

Phone rang, and I went to answer, now I'm back and in a rush. It was from my husbands parents, his aunt is dying (this has been expected, cancer).  They are calling the family in. 
My little chicks will have to do the best they can, on their own.... fl

Be brave dear hearts, courage, fortitude, and strength! yippiechickie

Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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