Monday, September 19, 2011

Hatch Day Part 3

One is out of the egg, another you can see it's beak, and it's rocking!  jumpy
Yeah....the one out is a buff.  The next one to come is a buff too!
My children saw it happen!  I thought it would be later, and my husband came down the hall and said, "hurry" could here the chirping from the kitchen! Within 5 minutes more it had cracked it's egg all around, and then about a minute later, it was out! And flopping around....oh who can sleep??!! yippiechickie
I don't feel so very tired anymore! lol....
My husband is snoring peacefully, the children are racing up and down the halls!
  wee wee
I've been trying to get PJ's on them for about an hour now!....they have a shirt on one and bottoms on another!
I eventually may get sleepy...
Another is out! ya
That makes two buffs...the next one that is fairly far along...can't see it's beak yet is a black one!
They are bigger than I thought they would be...these little ole banty eggs!
ohhhh, it is thrilling! woot

Ya'll come
The Parson's Wife

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