Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Baby chicks have arrived at the parsonage!

Who knew hatching could be this addictive??!!
I have 5 little chicks so far, 2 more have pipped. The other eggs so far are setting quietly as possible, with 5 chicks rolling them around.

I have found this excitement may, or may not, wear off, but I certainly love how my family are enjoying the new life in our house!

This morning when my son climbed out of bed and ran in there to check the eggs, he was sucking his lip, eyes big, and not saying a word....one chick got right under the window, cocked it's head so it was looking directly at him...he said, "Holy Cow!" Remember he's four...that was priceless to me! My daughter, who's eight, has been squealing non-stop....she wants to be the first one they see...she's heard me talking about 'imprinting'....she asks me over and over and over if I think, that they will think, that she is their mommy.

fl I'm hoping for the rest of the eggs, and healthy chicks! fl

Another one just came! That makes six...it's a buff, kinda worried, when it rolled over, I saw red at it's belly....?
I had 13 eggs that made it past day 14. Buff, Black silkies.... I hope the rest will hatch! I've got 2 running around that are almost white! with black beaks. I'm hoping for at least one white one...they are so pretty...I love all the colors...but would be neat to have one of each...
I have another egg that has pipped...and so far...haven't seen anything else on the eggs...

"I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth, my soul shall make her boast in thee oh Lord, the humble shall hear thereof and be proud!"

Y'all Come

The Parson's Wife

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  1. would like to buy some chicks and ducks please. john 479 650 8091 thank you