Friday, September 16, 2011

A Cold Night in the Church Van

Feb. 23 - Today is the last day I turn my, I just watch the temps, & keep it humid inside.
I heard a scratching noise... small, but several! So excited! There is life within those tiny shells!! Course they do say, Don't count your chickens before they hatch....
Thirteen eggs! jumpy jumpy jumpy
Would love 13 baby chicks!

     Last night was our youth rally. We had to cancel the rally in January because of ice. We were unable to attend the banquet in Dec.(the church van broke down on the way...there were 11 people, and it was cold.. got back home about 11:30 that night...note* we had left at 5:05) though I must add, after several hours we knew we weren't going to make we didn't go hungry! Lot's of cookies, and pumpkin bread, and small slivers of ham were passed around. For drinks we sufficed with the ones we had brought, the poor Rev. never took a bite the entire night.
     The children had blankets, and we all had coats, so though it was a long night, we sure had a good time visiting! Of course, the Rev. had a new dress shirt on, he was under the hood, under the van, (front & back) for different reasons, is anyone else aware of the fact that every single square inch of space under the hood is covered with oil? My poor dear, there he was, in charge of all the people, in the middle of nowhere, late evening (that means everything is closed) knowing the outside weather was turning colder by the minute. He has very large shoulders, and they were certainly full at that moment, but when people begin to pray, God moves in mighty ways! A young man, (who happened to be a nephew of one of the folks on board the van) stopped by, assisted, and several hours later, the van was in motion! Praise the Lord!  Toes had lost feelings, fingers as well, smoke billowed from our mouths every time we spoke, and noses were quite red, the bathroom issue occurred, (with my children of course)...let's just say, "Thankful for darkness and bushes!"
I'm so very grateful to be part of our church family, they bore it without complaint, laughter and encouragement were the only words they sounded in his ears! What soldiers they are!  Why, even Rolling Romeo, never complained that he missed his dates, yes, that's plural on purpose! Have I introduced Rolling Romeo? No? Well, our Saints of the congregation deserve their privacy, so nicknames have been made to suit them....and suit them they do! Why Romeo might be better called Casanova! The stories I will share with you about that sly fox!

Today is a "home" day for us...We didn't hardly know what to do with ourselves today! (my 'honey-do' is pretty Sure would be nice to get a few items marked off! That coop is still waiting on us!! The Rev. has his hands full with his work, I'm not much of a carpenter (ok, so I'm NOT a carpenter), so it must wait till he is able to build....they that wait upon they Lord shall renew their strength!
Hoping for little chicks from eggs...
I'm not going to tarry. I'm going to enjoy time with my husband and children....

Ya'll come
The Parson's Wife

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