Friday, September 16, 2011

part 3 Golden Goose eggs

Sides are up on the chicken coop!! (and that was with 2 church people stopping by for visits!)
Roof and door tomorrow ( fl ) please, please, please!!
I have waited so long! I have tried to be patient! Haven't I? Yes! (If you ask me!) Was this too much to ask? He is very busy, but so am I! (Did I say that? perhaps I only thought it...).
It's not a house, nor even a barn....
Oh Ye of little Faith. duc

Still Turning the eggs, I pray over them fl
I'm really quite a bit more excited than I thought I would be.

Big week-end, Friday night is a singing ...Karen Peck and New River are singing...yes, we are taking the church van...(9) at this point in time...and taking pillows too! Oh and in-laws coming down. Then Saturday morning is AngelFood, busy time... and Saturday evening is our fundraiser...a 'Poor Boy Supper'... big_smile

Soooo, I will just keep on turning those little darlings and enjoy the day that God has given us.

*Funny little story: My daughter looked at the eggs on about day 2, and said, "Mom, if they were golden, we could make a lot of money!" jumpy
Wonder if anyone has goose eggs for sale?

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