Saturday, September 17, 2011


I have found out, with certainity, that I am not really a patient person, no, this is becoming quite apparent with my attitude on these little eggs!barnie We have ALL been watching, listening, & waiting...

Wednesday is the due date..I'm not really 'wishing' my days away... but I've checked the clock, the calendar, and the clock again...multiple times... pop

This week-end was a difficult one.  Nay, you could say stressful, anxiety laiden, even high-blood pressure week-end!  How on earth do people manage to get in such fixes?
My husband recieved a phone call from a person who does not attend our church, but knew us,  they were frantic, police were questioning this person, and now....well what a mess.  While my husband presence is calming, and comforting...the seed has been sown. May God have mercy.
What a blessing and peace people will have when they serve the Lord, we preach it, teach it, live it...and still... well, this is not heaven, so we will keep working till then!

Is the flu afflicting anyone else?  The Rev. spent yesterday between church services, visiting people sick with the flu. We always get the shots...(my daughter & son have lung difficulties) we try to protect them as much as we can. We've been told this one is not working, though they say it helps you if get the flu, but will not prevent.
Oh yes, it's a lovely day today....supposed to get up to 65!  And the sun is shining....
I am making better time now that I don't have to use a boat to get back and forth between the church and parsonage! (It gets pretty deep over the sidewalk....) actually it might be a good idea!  he he he
My husband did offer me his waders when I was complaining duc (I mean 'commenting') the other day about it!  It ruins my shoes!  I have to tiptoe and it still rises up to my ankles!! (If it wasn't so cold, I would just take my shoes off and go across barefoot!) rant
But I know, the sun will shine, the puddles will dry up, and we will not wash away. wee
Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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