Friday, September 16, 2011

The Adventure Begins...

January was an uneventful month, besides one, my cast came off at the end of it. Now I wear a brace, hoping to be free from restraints soon.

January 31st bought little giant, still air, non-egg turner, incubator for $50 at Feed Store.
Feb 1st, plugged in and awaiting eggs...
Feb 2 nd, searching, searching, searching- for the correct temp.
Feb 6th, eggs arrived (24)
@ 5:00 pm I placed them in the incubator.
Now, I'm waiting, turning, checking, waiting, turning, checking....

Why did I want chickens? I'm a farmer at heart...I also thought to save money & make a little money....eggs in our pantry, and supply church members with FRESH eggs! yippiechickie

The Coop...well, it's a skeleton at this time...a very thin skeleton. My husbands schedule is extremely binding, and the thought of a power tool, well it makes me weak...I see images of blood, lost members of my body lying on the ground...whew..enough.
And of course, I still can't do much with my hand; it is frustrating.

Yes, today is Saturday the husband is at a seminary class. As he will be every month till May on the second Saturdays. Then of course, Angel food is the first and third Saturdays...and then we hope...we get the fourth Saturday!!
We don't have him through the week anyway, rent houses are always calling...he's repairing 3 to get ready to rent...they are waiting and that is money...soooo,(saying silently to myself " don't fuss, don't fuss, don't fuss..)

Today the church women have gathered to clean and decorate the fellowship hall for tonight's Valentines Banquet. I see 2 cars over there as I type...which means I must go, wouldn't want them to think the pastors wife was lazy or trying to out of working...

You know, I grew up on a farm, fed and handled the chickens, but I never incubated....what fun we missed! Mom just left them with the broody hens...I know that's best...but I'm having fun here. Well, when I'm not frustrated!

As a note to add, my little chickens
are to be little Silkies...

I bid you farewell for this day!

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