Monday, September 19, 2011

Hatch Day part 2

We just got back home about 30 minutes ago, (they've been alone for almost 12 hours!!)
5 eggs have pipped, no babies out...but I hear chirping!!

The Rev.'s aunt is about the same, close to death.
My son's eye is almost completely better...Praise the Lord!

Apparently, there was some excitement down the road from the parsonage while we were gone. One of the farmers was burning his crop stubble, and it got out of hand. (This seems to be a regular sort of thing down here in cotton land) Seems it got pretty close to the parsonage, but God stayed the fire. Thankful, God is on duty 24/7!
Our church members had heard of it, called, and some came to watch over. Hugs to the very best folks in all the world!

So tired, think I will just sleep.

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