Friday, September 16, 2011

Brush Arbor Revivial

     There is so much that I have to delete, and simply keep to myself...but you must, you absolutely must keep a sense of humor in the ministry.
     I have been asked numerous times if my husband uses our children and myself  as 'sermon material'. Yes, he certainly does!  Some funny, some not so funny. I have set on pew #2 all my life (my grandmother was a pastors wife, my mother is one, and now I) I love church times, and all the funny stories that I have...they are precious to me! My dad used to pastor and Indian mission church, we went to church with the Pathkillers, Tenkillers, Sixkillers, Polecat's, and a multitude of other precious people who helped make such wonderful stories. One of my Dad's favorite stories he liked to reenact, involved a brush arbor revival, I was too little to remember the one he speaks of, but I remember many others in my lifetime! The brush arbors we've had, and been too! Wonderful memories! My Dad would hold a Brush Arbor Revival every year, and we all looked forward to them, especially as children (there were seven us children running around), it was something different & it was OUTSIDE!!
     My husband had never been to one, about 7 seven years ago my husband preached his 'first brush arbor' meeting, after much preparation, prayer, and anxiety the revival started! He didn't know what to expect, he was a little hesitant, but accepted the invitation. We were so excited, so thrilled with the opportunity to minister in this new setting! We wanted to see people saved! And on that first night, we had one convert....a big calico cat! That cat wondered through the benches and chairs, under people legs, purring, rubbing any available leg! When the Rev. gave the altar call, up strolled that cat, bold as brass, and lolled under the altar. He layed there and slapped at the bottom of the altar for awhile, would turn and eyeball the audience, then he jumped up on top of the altar, flipped upside down, stretched, hung perilously close to the edge causing it's own excitement, meowed, and meowed,  etc....needless to say people were more interested in the cat...than spiritual things! I never could get that cat to come to me! ( I pulled out baby treats..I even opened my baby's bottle and poured some of the milk on the ground to attract it)...Oh how he preached, oh how he invited people to come pray, and oh how they watched that cat!! He finally knelt to pray himself, and it just so happened to be next to the cat, (who was quickly whisked out of sight!)
It seems it's the ridiculous times that stick out the most...and we have the most laughs about, they tend to be the most memorable.

Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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