Friday, September 16, 2011

Candling the Eggs

Okay, here's the current tally.
Began with 24 eggs sent to me (9 were bonus)
22 made it into the incubator (2 were damaged in shipping) (Great packaging...rough P.O.)
Broke 1 with a thermometer (trying to install a wiggler) that made 21.

*Tonight at 9:30 pm I candled my eggs! I was very nervous, I had put so much effort & prayer into these fragile little with trepidation I began:
I closed the door, blocked out all light, turned off the lights, then with a flashlight I carefully lifted the lid from the incubator, set it aside, and quickly removed the eggs to a warm towel basket, put the lid back on the incubator to keep the temps steady. Slowly, one egg at a time I shown the flashlight onto the bottom of the egg and lo and behold...I saw life!!! The final tally was as follows:
8 were tossed. 6 Were obviously clear, and 2 were obvious blood rings, with not much else...the rest were dark except on the end...I checked inside the eggs...6 never started and 2 were blood rings.

Now, I'm watching and hoping fl fl fl on the 13 eggs... jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy jumpy
As a note...I think the eggs are all black silkies that have made it this far.

You know, I might just keep eggs incubating all the time! woot

Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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