Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Patience is a virtue...

Patience is a virtue, right? I also know NOT to pray for more patience....who wants trials?
But I can tell you, #7, God's perfect #, just made her entrance to the Rev.'s farm..... jumpy

My brooder is ready and waiting... D
It's real fancy....plastic tub, with an old torn T-shirt and then paper towels on top.... wink

The light hanging my husband fixed, looks ridiculous! <span class=
(I'm not going to tell him that!) <span class= & it is holding steady at 95! This is very important!
So glad he did made it for me, he works long and difficult hours, a pastor is a lot like a mother, it never ends! <span class=
I will say Thank you, lovely of you to fix it, and let it be! Amen.

No, not unless I get braver, will I post pictures!

Oh yes, I've had a some messages wanting to know how I broke my arm...it went something like this...

The day after Thanksgiving, I always put up my Christmas tree. I was doing just such a thing, couldn't reach the end of the entertainment center, and instead of getting the step stool, (which was in the pantry) I grabbed a stool that twirls...needless to say I was flat on my back, unconscious, in about 60 seconds. (My head hit the corner of the coffee table) Now, that may sound bad...but, I did not feel the actual break, my head hit first....mercy, I think it is called. I came to, to hear someone screaming (I kept wishing she would just hush!)....finally figured out it was me, and my children were crying, my husband was in great distress, he was trying to call 10 people at once, get shoes and coats on little ones, and listening to me moan and cry the whole time. One of our precious church ladies met us at the ER and took the children home with her till I was released. A few days later had surgery, and then some days that are kinda foggy followed, but the Lord is mighty good to me!
My son, to this day, tells everyone that I fell out of a tree! (I was working "close" to the Christmas tree) It does cause some looks! <span class=
Anyway, that is past, God is good, and I try not to climb on the stools much, yes, I know...I'm going to get rid of them.
My advice....don't climb things that twirl!...In fact don't climb unless someone is standing there holding your skirt tails! old

Y'all come
The Parson's Wife

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