Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hair raisin' storm

I tell my children a story before they go to bed "When I was a little girl", and of course we laugh over the ones when I say, "When your daddy & I were just married, etc..."

My first electrical storm here.
We came summer before last, I had been here to visit this church a few times before, my husband was preaching for them on occasion.
This time we had arrived as pastors, we had just resigned a different church, & the Rev. felt the leading to go to the Delta! Our second night here, things were still in boxes, things still 'new'. The floors creaked, the wind would bump the roof, the night sounds, it was new. We saw a bad cloud rolling up that evening...well, it rained, and rained, about 11:30 that night I awoke to thunder & lightning...so bright I thought that day had come! I mean that, the lightning was constant, It didn't stop after just a few minutes, it kept on and on and on...and it seemed to be getting closer & closer. I sat up in bed trembling, I thought the house would be struck at any moment! You could hear it hitting something with almost every strike! I don't have words to describe the sound, the sight, or even the smell, (surely the brimstone from Hell was bubbling up), of that terrible night! Finally, I'd had enough, I gathered the children went and sat in the hall (no windows there) the power had long since went off, but I had no problem in seeing...I began to get a creepy crawly sensation, have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye? Well, I saw out of the corner of my eye my hair (it's below my waist) my hair beginning to rise! (Like someone was rubbing it with a balloon!) <span class=I think that scared me worse than anything! I remember sticking my head around the corner of the bedroom door, the Rev. had refused to get out of bed with the rest of us, and telling him to come quick...he took one look at me...and brought his pillow! This storm seemed to last for hours, after awhile I drifted off to sleep...IN THE HALL! The next morning 2 big trees right in the swamp next to us were hit, they were still smoking! Now, here is another crazy twist...we had another storm the next night, of the same intensity...and the same thing happened! I have never, I mean never, been in anything like that in my life! Nor do I want to be again!

I didn't mean for a solemn note...it is funny when we retell it to others...I did look rather silly, nightgown, hair sticking out, and Daryl was suddenly convinced to leave the bed! big_smile
Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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