Friday, October 7, 2011

A Test of Faith...did you have to use snakes?

Hello my friend!

     I have not wanted to talk about the following episode, have had so many problems with it, I finally decided to started talking about it, and it has gotten better, so thought perhaps if I shared with my friends, I could be well.

I believe in prayer, and Praise the Lord for His mercies. My God is faithful.

     My husband had to go out of town for a coupla days, about 3 weeks ago. I stayed home with the children, have been happy and at peace here. I fell asleep, around midnight (I did a little I was having a lovely dream, when a snake entered my dream, then became reality. I grasped it and tossed it out of the bed, I then jumped out of the bed, landing on the floor beside the bed, I screamed and screamed and screamed; I'm fairly certain I was close to hysteria. I shook myself, grabbed a shoe, (it was the closest thing handy) and searched for this creature that had invaded not only my home, but the sanctity of my bed. I did not find it, needless to say, sleep eluded me.

     The Rev. called the next day, I debated about telling him, I knew he could not come home, so in order to keep him from worry, I kept it to after day after day. Unable to sleep, I would lay down, and feel again the snake as it slithered upon me, it had made it all the way down to my leg!
     I began jumping and screaming at the least noise, movement, or touch. The Rev. insisted I tell him, and I did. He laughed.  Don't judge him harshly, I'm certain he thought worse things had come upon us, afterall, we've lived a very colorful life!
About 2 weeks later, I saw a little garter snake by the back door, as soon as I saw the size (and width) of it, I felt certain we had discovered the snake that had invaded our home. I had hoped that things would get better since I discovered that it wasn't poisonous, and have always heard how 'helpful' they are to have around. (If you say that 100 times a day, you might believe it...I didn't)
    The parsonage has set empty for years, the last pastor had his own home, and I had worried about what have claimed it (the parsonage) for their own habitation....and had took preventative measures, however all for naught.
Now, I stated at the beginning of this story that I believe in prayer. I have been praying, earnestly seeking the Lord for peace.  I began quoting the scripture:
     "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Is. 26:3
There were a host of other wonderful scriptures that I read, and quoted (I had always done so for others, this time it was me.)
Phill. 4:7, Ps 119:65, Is. 12:2....the list goes on.
They were all for naught, no sleep, nerves were frayed....not the home of peace I so cherish!
I, yes, I was going to have to get ahold of myself. Fear, it cometh not from God. And fear is what had taken hold on me. I did not like it.
I did not want any part of it. I WOULD not have any part of it!
My God is faithful. Two nights ago, I laid down, didn't wrap a pillow around my head, didn't feel the creepy crawly sensations, why?
Because my God was a protector. It (the snake) could have bitten me, I am a restless sleeper, but it didn't. Even if it had, I trust in the one who is able to heal...did I not?
This was a test, one that I wanted no part of, one that I had been failing miserably at, but no less a test.

Two nights now of rest. Blessed rest. I have always had the children quote the scripture,
"And thou shalt be secure, because there is hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and thou shalt take thy rest in safety. " Job 11:18
I wanted my children to know rest, peace, and the wonderful comfort of feeling safe. This too became a scripture I quoted, but  I can promise you, it took on new meaning for me. Safety. What we take for granted!

It simply came down to, did I trust Him? Did I?

My God is faithful. Now, don't get the idea we are co-habitating with the thing.... barnie  Nay! However, we have been able to resume our life, and our sleep is returning...and I need sleep! Trust me!  I have a dear Aunt who said, "I'm just not nice till I have my coffee in the morning!" Her husband nodded.  Well, I'm just not nice if I don't get my sleep!  My family heads would be bobbing assent if you could see them! duc

     No coop yet here at the new parsonage, awaiting a break in the work. Began to look at the shed my husband has his things stored in, in a new light!  Wouldn't he rather have a new shed? The one here is so weathered, and beginning to sag, I'm certain he would like a new one for all his precious tools & things.....  D  jumpy

Y'all Come
The Parson's Wife

P.S....don't let the snakes keep you away!!


  1. Bless your sweet heart! What a horrific thing to have happen! Amazing how dreams that you began dreaming about a snake and he was probably crawling down your leg! YIKES! It would definitely be a very tough thing to get over...even with a deep faith. Trust you are sleeping better now. I sure enjoyed reading your story and the little 'smiley's throughout made me smile, in spite of your trauma. God is good. Certainly He knows you don't need any more 'illustrations' like that one huh? *-*

  2. Amen! From your mouth to Gods ears! No more like this!