Friday, September 16, 2011

pt. 2 My 'egg-mistake'

I broke an egg.
Yes, it was a viable egg, blood leaked out the side. At first, I couldn't bear to look, then I did. There were veins running everywhere, and a dark spot...wonder if that's the eye or the heart? I need to look that up...

Feb. 12, 8:20 pm Bought a wiggler, and was putting a therm. into it...the wiggler shot the therm. out like an arrow! fell on that egg, the cover was an learn. idunno

so I'm down to 21 eggs....hope the rest make it... fl

Hope no one else doesn't make the same mistake I did....keep the cover down!

My darling husband is supposed to be coming home early, extra early today, to work on the coop...I took pictures of what we have so far...will download and put them on... clap

We are beginning to get green grass, little tufts here and there, even though the weather is cold and rainy....I believe that Spring is trying to spring! wee

My hand still frustrates me..( I broke my wrist, had pins put in and some bone graphing) the doctor said my tendons still were not healed like they needed to be, (that means slow, slow), has he ever heard of children? church? LIFE?!!

Well, things could be worse.

Ya'll Come
The Parson's Wife

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