Thursday, February 7, 2013

Milk Day

Feb. 7th. Couldn't ask for a more beautiful day, warm weather (65*) sunny this morning, rainy this afternoon...matches any mood I'm in...and my mood is sewing.
I began this process because of a burnt finger, who knew my potholders had simply worn out...literally.
How can one cook without them? When I pull my cast iron skillets filled with hot cornbread right out of the oven...I need a heavy duty potholder, my dishtowel doesn't work either. So, shouting "hallelujuah" in the kitchen this morning, I knew I had a sewing project to begin. (Picture added)
Here is one completed potholder in honor of Valentines Day! I'm working on the sewing ones, enjoyed abit of crochet today.

We have a new member in our family, a kitten called Precious; & she really is. She was a drop-off...don't ask me why or how, I don't understand some people, but when a tiny kittens meows from under your kitchen window, what's a girl to do?  Pray for them, and love the tiny animal, who can scratch like a tiger!!

Productive week thus far, helped milk, by hand, my niece's little jersey cow. She just had her first calf, was pouring milk, and needed a little help...can't wait to milk her for the home bucket!! Fresh butter!
I grew up shaking the mason jar, good memories, will pass this one on to our children.
My mother fell in love with the little heifer named Helen, and I snapped a picture of Mom helping milk her and check on post-birth mom.
*Note-Mom is wearing a headwarmer made from angora yarn I made for her...looking snazzy!
The little calf is so cute...just had to show a picture of him, yes, it's a little bull. But they just don't come any cuter!


Well, I must return to the potholder project...suppers cooking.
Y'all Come,

The Parson's Wife

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